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Essay on Why We Should Recycle

Recycling of municipal solid waste is currently one of the hottest topics of the day and ecology. Consumption of products by mankind only increases every year with respectively growing production rates. A production growth, which is logical, is accompanied by the amount of waste produced.

Environmental monitoring shows the current level of contamination of big cities has increased dramatically. That is one of the reasons why we should recycle.

Today, the waste that filled the forests, beaches, and ponds, for most of us is not something unusual and even had become a usual norm of life.

People do not resent the fact that for years roadside is covered with waste polyethylene. However, it’s just awful, because today, scientists have confirmed the fact that the decay of just one plastic bottle is a few hundred years.

And if right now we do not raise the question of waste recycling, we risk leaving our offspring one giant landfill. Moreover, pollution municipal solid waste can lead to ecological disaster, because due to waste populations of many species now threatened with extinction.

The most horrible thing is that today in many cities nobody is going to address the issue of waste recycling. Meanwhile, it is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Just one plant with complete waste recycling can become a stable source of income for its owner, since the products resulting from the recycling of garbage are in great demand today, and there is an excess in raw materials for recycling thanks to the mindless activities of people. So, consider what methods of recycling are the most relevant today.

Solid waste recycling options
Currently in the world more than a dozen different technologies for recycling municipal solid waste are successfully implemented. Most widespread among them are thermal methods, which include:

  • Burning at landfills
  • Low-temperature pyrolysis
  • Plasma waste recycling

Burning of waste in landfills is the oldest, and at the same time, ineffective way to dispose of garbage. This method helps to significantly reduce the amount of waste, but it is quite harmful from an environmental point of view, since all the harmful substances contained in the waste go into the atmosphere in the result of the combustion. Moreover, as we said earlier, recycling that waste is the source of many raw material, so it is pretty stupid to burn it, if we can earn some money. This is why burning is very unpopular method of solid waste disposal.

With the low-temperature pyrolysis, harmful emissions into the atmosphere are reduced to zero, so this method is quite promising. Moreover, during low-temperature pyrolysis a sufficiently large amount of heat can be produced for the production of electricity. In addition, if you implement this technology separated waste processing, then it can get quite a lot of raw materials. Thus, waste recycling by low-temperature pyrolysis is quite reasonable from an economic point of view.