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Essay on Why Students Dropout of College

Many of parent are puzzled by the question why students drop out of college, depriving themselves of the unique opportunity to receive higher education. Personally I often wondered on what is happening: getting a start in life and becoming a freshman student somehow loses interest in the study and further prospects.

Why do students drop out?
Answer to this question is very difficult, because, as you know, you can exactly tell what is going on in somebody’s mind.

And, nevertheless, from personal observation, I still managed to identify those factors that often get on the way to the coveted diploma certifying the proud title of the bachelor.

The first course – breaking stereotypes
If I have a question, I always turn to stubborn statistics. So in this case, according to statistics, every fifth student drop out for some or other reason: it most often occurs in the first-second year, there are much less of drop outs among undergraduates.

That’s just an age category to be considered a global cause that make a “future expert” to leave alma-mater without the coveted diploma. If this is a first year student, his sudden abandonment of further studies may be associated with his own laxity.

The reason for that is very simple: after finishing high-school, and enrolled to the college, young people believe that life is simple, so they are certainly not ready for new obstacles in achieving their goals.

And at the college, it goes without saying, you have to fight desperately for your “place in the sun,” especially when it comes to a scholarship. In higher education, the situation is somewhat different from high-school, as each negligent student will be immediately expelled for academic failure. Here we found the first reason as to why some students drop out of college.

Yes, it is their underachievement that is the main reason for them to be expelled and not at all their own desire to get free.

Accordingly, we can conclude that one of the critical periods when it is quite possible to leave the ranks of students – this is definitely the first year. So in this case, you can only give one piece of advice – it is important to stay in by all means, if you, of course, know what I mean.

The second course – thoughts about global
After successfully finished the first course, students got in some state of excitement, which is still there when they go successfully through the second year. However, the next critical point, as a rule, is the third year, and there is quite a logical explanation.

The fact is that at this stage of life comes the so-called “change of views,” when the student begins to come to a conclusion that he is engaged in what he would not like to be engaged in the future.

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