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Essay on Why Should We Study History

Why should we study history – such a question is raised by many students. According to them, history is the past, and therefore it is no longer relevant; However, by arguing that they make quite a mistake. Because there is probably no greater science than history. One of the great historical figures once said, there is no future for the country that does not learn the lessons of its past, because history tends to repeat itself. I completely agree with this statement.

History reveals a huge world events, instructive stories, historical personalities, and destinies. Study the traditions, customs, orders of different cultures is quite fascinating. After all, modern history is shaped by the events of the past, modern traditions are rooted in historical experience. It is noteworthy that there is a tradition that has changed very strongly over time, others have remained almost unchanged. Studying the history, a person receives an incredible experience about how all human manifestations were transformed in time. Take for example, a weapon. In the ancient world, it was rocks and clubs. Then the bow and arrows have appeared. Then there were knives and other bladed weapons. Then fire, nuclear, and so on. What else science but history could know this?

In my opinion, the main dislike of many students in the subject explains the narrowness of perception of history only in the scope of school discipline. If they showed curiosity and discover the history of his native land or historical personalities: generals, politicians, great women, amazing artists, they would have had a chance to look at this discipline from a different angle. They would certainly have fallen in love with history.

The word “history” comes from the Greek language, in which it meant “a story about the past.” But now that word mean both a science that studies the past, and the very sequence of past events.

History – a memory of any culture, every people, of all mankind. As the story of each individual life is embodied in the features of his personality (in his knowledge, skills, personality traits), and the history of humanity is embodied in all the achievements of modernity.

To understand the current state of humanity, its social institutions, and various areas of culture, we need to know its history. People who have forgotten their history lose their raison d’être and are dissolved among other nations. Each person must not only remember the events of his own life, but also know the history of his people, the cultural history, the history of mankind. Only then will he be able to completely understand his place in the chain of generations and deeply understand the meaning of his own existence.

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