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Essay on What Success Means to Me

Many years I tried to answer the question what success means to me? I thought that success it’s not when you have all you want. For me, success is the achievement of a single, but a great goal. For me personally, it’s not a planned great buy, but something that does not allow you to stop or turn back on the path to success!

Communicating with many people, I see now how the world is mistaken believing the real success to be a small opportunity, when you can snatch what you want at any cost. What is the use to have something tangible while damaging your soul? Someone wise said that life is the means and its end must be worth living!

Realize yourself during “your life’s work” is very important! Unfortunately, not one educational institution will give us such skills. Misconception born in the human brain continues unabated, and evolving. High school teachers continue to diligently keep silence about real challenges in life telling nonsense that is no useful in life. So sad to know that the world is forced to blindly obey the system, which skillfully traditionally suppresses the human spirit, turning people into insignificant crowd.

Escaping from this gray, shapeless mass is very important! Desire to be not like everyone else is the task of every person on this earth!
Working on yourself, it’s the hardest thing in this life, but it’s worth it because it gives the true freedom and understanding of everything that happens in this world!

Usually success is perceived as possessing a prestigious profession, a lot of money, real estate, expensive cars, fame … and in pursuit of this you can spend your whole life. Here, as a rule, event stream brings to the two roads: one has all the trappings of success but no happiness to be seen; and on the other, like that of an old woman with a broken tub – you have spent a lot of effort, emotion, but all the time is wasted …
For me, success hence means know to live. Live to the fullest, with curiosity, interest in everything, act, doing things you love, set big goals and reach new heights … And if you’re still a woman, to love and be loved …

Also, for me the word “success” includes meaning of the word “happiness.” Between them is clearly a direct link. If success is what has been achieved at the moment, the happiness is how you feel about and evaluate these achievements. After all, happiness – is that “there is now,” and not come sometime in the future.

I remember myself younger: in the presence of family, husband, child, good house, traveling, beautiful clothes, money and decent job … there seems to be a success, but there was something inside me aching like asking out … Now I know that it was my soul.

Since then I have tried a lot of activity, until I found myself and my path.

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