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Essay on We Should Ban TV for a Week

You’ve probably already how much time you lose watching TV, the time you should dedicate to more useful activity.

If you do not believe it is true, just try to ban TV for a weak.

The first you feel will be some sort of emptiness. Deep, whole, unloaded nothing. Unplug you TV set for an evening, and you will know what I am talking about.

With TV life seems to be filled with various types of activity. You turn it on and you see, you feel, you share, worry, get scared – all kinds of emotions you can only imagine. But if we look closer at these emotions, will understand that no matter how true they were, they were some kind of surrogate, they were not ours.

I understood once I watched a wonderful movie about Jamaican athletes who strive their way to the competition, about the disappointing defeat, about the courage of their characters. The movie was wonderful. But this was not about me, it’s their life – their lives were full of activity, emotions, events – it was so real. Instead, I was just sitting in front of a TV with a bag of popcorn and feeling those fake emotion, which were not genuinely mine.

I would myself gladly recommend everyone to watch TV, if these who after watching it were about to take a more active role in their own lives.

Unfortunately, it is not the way it goes. Fake emotion do not lead to real actions or events. It just become a sweet pill to sweeten our empty existence to fill your life with fake events without doing anything. When the real treatment is to make your life full with real activity, then you do not need to return to this drug, this surrogate of real emotions again and again like an addicted person.

Yes, let us call it for what it is – an addiction. Alcoholism is just the same kind of disorder as watching TV. If you prefer, you can call yourself a TV addicted who you are, in fact, when the TV became the main source of your emotions.

Probably time to move on to the frequently used excuses…

How would live without TV? It is the main source of information for me. I cannot do without it.

The main source of information! Ha, I have almost forgotten it! It is really important, isn’t it? But let me ask you what kind of information you get from it? Is it really valuable and irreplaceable for your very existence? Or is it just some kind of trash you need to move on just like a junky?

Yes, you have heard me: the information that does not lead to an action is just a junky trash. And if you are a healthy person you do not need it.

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