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Essay on Should We Keep Pets at Home

Lately, it became very popular to keep at home wild reptiles, birds, and animals. One nature lover keeps a squirrel that rushes anxiously in the aviary, other have roe or deer in the yard, the third – goldfinch or finch in a cage. And who can guarantee that someone would not think to pick up a newborn calf in the woods or maybe keep a noble deer or bison in a barn?

According to estimates conducted by the Service for the Nature Protection, a significant amount of people keep a great number of wild animals, for which in most cases a tragic fate is waiting.

You cannot catch wild animals in the nature and bring them home, except when the animals need emergency veterinarian care.

Why should we keep pets at home? You cannot catch wild animals to keep them at home because if they become tame, they lose their instincts that are very important for living in the wild: self-defense, foraging, and vigilance. Have been released, they often fall prey to predators or other people. Sometimes wild animals can be infected you with such diseases as brucellosis, rabies, hydatidosis, etc. In such cases, the consequences are sad both for the owner and the pet.

When people find a small hare, roe, hedgehog they often think that these animals were lost and perish without human assistance. But this is wrong. Usually the baby’s mother is somewhere close, anxiously watching him. Once human retired, she returns to her cub.

Keeping wild animals is not justified by any aesthetic reasons. How beautiful, clean, and agile wild animals would be on the loose, close to nature, they become miserable, dirty, disheveled in a shed, pen, or in a cage!

Instead of wild animals you should keep pets at home: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, canaries, budgies, aquarium fish, and others.

Observe the life and development of animals is always fun and exciting. Did we already know all about their habits, behavior? Seriously do targeted surveillance, you will benefit from this deal. But always remember: wild animals are born free, hence the need to live in freedom!

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