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Essay on Should Mothers Go to Work

In this essay I will try to answer an urgent question why should mothers go to work.

First of all we must understand that a pregnancy is not a basis for denial of women’s employment. When deciding on a job, solely her business skills and qualifications shall be evaluated. If they do not meet the requirements, it is only in this case, the employer cannot recruit pregnant woman.

When employing, employers have no right to demand from the woman a document confirming the absence of pregnancy, as well as any declaration or receipts that she is not planning to become pregnant soon. This is contrary to the requirements of Article 65 of the Labor Code regulating the list of documents that must be submitted to an employer.

So it is or from the legal point of you but what about personal feeling of the questioned category of women?

According to a study, moms of young children, who go to work, feel happier and are healthier than women who devote all their time to their home and children.

Part-time is better for the health of women with children than lack of work. Interviews with 1300 women who were under observation for 10 years showed that mothers who successfully divided their time between home and work, less likely to suffer from depression and were in the best physical and mental shape, unlike the housewives. Between health and emotional state of women working partially or fully employed, no difference has been observed.

Mothers, who go to work, felt that this way they are able to support their family and to be more successful parents for their children. Women part-time (up to 32 hours per week) paid as much attention to children as housewives, and more attention than women with full-time employment. In addition, mothers working up to 32 hours, according to observers, more sensitive to the needs of their children and pay more attention to their education and training.

– When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she already makes her choice – says Joanne Fera. – And then it is only with the question – to go on maternity leave, or to optimize its work to satisfy all the sides. I often hear “my boss would never allow “or” my husband against a nanny,” or “I cannot do both.” I’m sure these are words of those who do not want to work, but tries to justify themselves before people. In this case, do not cheat yourself. Women who devote themselves only to child, we should be proud, because there is no harder work to than to raise a child. And those who go to work immediately after the child is born, try to share these heavy responsibilities with someone else. I call it efficient optimization and sincerely confess that I could not sit at home with the child for three years. Perhaps because from my childhood, I am aspired to be the first.

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