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Essay on Revenge is a Wild Justice

Is revenge a wild justice? To answer this question we have to consider what we know or we think we we know about revenge. Where does the desire for revenge come from? How does it manifest itself? How can you tell you’re taking revenge, or revenge is taken on you?

Revenge is a negative memory. You, in your opinion, was harmed: physically or morally it does not matter. In your opinion, it is unfair. What is “fair”? What we mean by this word? Decency, respect for the law, human morality of something else?

Revenge is a very strong feeling that does not bring joy to people. Motivation for revenge are fighting for justice, seeking satisfaction in repaying the deed with the same coin. On the one hand, it seems that this is the right feeling and there is not anything bad about it, but on the other hand, when a person begins to implement “their noble impulse,” then certain transformation happen to his body. It all starts with a strong perturbation attack which is similar to an internal explosion caused by an unexpected and unfair event. Desire for revenge is accompanied by increased energy that seeks release.

The inner trigger of the is pulled by someone not knowing that this person has a lot of problems and complexes and is very vulnerable. And now this person is seeking revenge. He cannot control himself, because he is entirely in the power of the emotions. Revenge can be viewed as a painful condition that shakes the whole body from the brain to the fingertips. It can capture a person like love and make him do strange things, which he then will bitterly regret doing. Maybe if the person stopped for a minute, cool down, he would have realized that there is no need to take revenge, because the abuser is not worth such a reaction. But it is very difficult to do.

For seeking revenge sometimes quite insignificant reason is needed. It depends on the person, whose pride is hurt. Each of us faced insults, jealousy, and betrayal in our life. This is more good reasons to seek revenge. It should be noted, if the person lives in harmony with itself and with the surrounding reality, it will not be offended by all sorts of little things that happen to everyone.

Revenge often goes hand in hand with envy. As you know, people sometimes make very low actions from envy. This behavior is typical for insecure people influenced by others.

If someone has hurt you, and it made you seeking revenge, you should not be ashamed of this feeling. Inside you a natural self-defense mechanism came into action.

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