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Essay on Pros and Cons of Winning Lottery

A great deal of people still like the lottery. For example, some are hoping for a solid gain, thereby attempting to resolve their financial difficulties, while others simply want to test their luck. Somebody just wants to have fun, and someone takes lottery quite seriously. Some believe that the only hope for good luck is all they need to win and be rewarded, others are using various systems allegedly helping them to win, in a couple of words that is mathematical approaches and studying previous runs statistics. However, the probability of a jackpot, of course, is minimal, although it is sometimes really possible to win a lot of money and for this it is not necessarily to put huge efforts. Actually what are pros and cons of winning lottery?

If someone would know when he wins, of course, he would have played it then – although in this case the lottery simply makes no sense and the organizers of course would be ruined, as people would play only when they knew they would win. Since no man knows the lucky number for sure, people continue to play as they believe the win is to come, sooner or later, but it will come. It is just people psychology: it is hope of winning that attracts them to such activity. People used to test their luck and they surely knows that they can win a small amount of money as well as a big jackpot.

Although the lottery can cause some addiction, like any other gambling. Lottery can get people to buy another ticket again and again. However, there are not many people who would buy a lottery ticket in any case regardless the chances to win.

However, I have to say that among those who truly hope to get some easy money there not many of those who really think about what will happens with their lives if they really win. They do not really think what they would with such amount of money, sudden attention and asking for help. The winners life can dramatically change over the night and not everybody can say he is ready for this.

For me, the lottery is a sort of adrenaline rush when checking results. But I do not believe it can become something more than this, that’s for sure! Since there is a lot of other interests in my life. But I am pleased with the idea that money for a lottery ticket will go to charity it is always sweetens the bitterness of losing.

However, those who are not so sure what lottery is for them the next time you buy a lottery ticket, stop for a moment and ask yourself: Why am I doing this? Do you really want to win? Or do you want to feel the excitement at the thought of winning? The person must be internally ready for the big money. Otherwise, they will not bring happiness.

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