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Essay on Importance of Body Language

Have you ever thought about the importance of body language in the process of communication? Verbal and non-verbal language is very important for successful communication. Obviously, it is important to use verbal language if you want to inform the listener about something. If you want to persuade him in something, it is important to use both verbal and non-verbal linguistic skills. Body language is a very important element of communication. It is possible to get to know about this issue relying on linguistics, psychology and cultural studies.

It is of vital importance to know at least several basic elements of body language if you want to understand whether the listener is interested in your information or not. There are many signs of body language, which can be observed from the side of cultural studies. Every country has its own original set of signs, which have their own meaning. One gesture in Japan will not mean the same in the USA. There are cases when a regular gesture in one part of the world means something vulgar and offensive in another one. Therefore, people should study the basic set of gestures and expressions when they go to a different country. This knowledge will help them avoid misunderstanding and awkward situations.

Body language is important for business. When you want to establish friendly and productive contact with the representative of another firm, you should be able to read the signs of his body language. It is possible to understand whether he is interested in cooperation if you just pay attention to his gestures and facial expressions. When one looks straight into the eyes, possesses straight posture and shakes hands solidly, he is supposed to be a reliable companion. When one avoids eye contact, coughs, blushes and bounces, he feels uncomfortable and tells lies. Such people also think about every phrase and make long pauses in order to invent the best answer. Finally, when one turns away from you with his shoulders, you are not interesting for him. He is looking for the best excuse to leave you. Such signs possess the deepest psychological background and they are quite valid. People behave in this way automatically. They cannot control themselves in order to hide their anger, fear or disappointment. It is impossible to hide your blush or other visual indicators; therefore, a smart person will easily decipher these non-verbal signs.

Then, body language is the best way to substitute verbal language. Everybody knows that one can shake his head when he wants to say “No”. Instead of saying “Yes”, one can simply nod. When someone asks you about something and you have not heard his question, you can raise your eyebrow instead of saying “Excuse me, I did not hear you”. Next, when you do not know the answer to some question, you can shrug your shoulders instead of saying “I am sorry, I do not know”.

Body language is important for every employer. When one wants to recruit a new employee, he organizes an interview in order to check his communicative and professional skills. Obviously, it is important to hire a communicative and multitasking person. Professional skills are often of lesser importance. An applicant who is nervous and avoids eye contact will not pass this interview, because every employer expects to hire an active and confident expert who is not afraid of awkward and unexpected situations.

Finally, body language is important for bringing up. One can decipher the actual intentions of a child when he evaluates his posture, gestures and facial expressions. Moreover, it is possible to detect if a child tells lies or not.

Body language is important in every sphere of human life. When you want to become a successful entrepreneur, teacher, politician, etc., you should know about gestures and facial expressions a lot. Finally, this knowledge is useful for successful cooperation and persuasion.

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