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Essay on Experience of Adventure Activity

Once I accidentally bought a traveling journal. In this magazine I found an article about Thailand. I was very interested in it. Especially because there on the islands, there are colonies of swifts, whose nests are edible. How could I miss such a chance!

I carefully prepared for the trip. Read all that could find on the Internet, gathering information. As a member of the International Society of Friends of birds, I contacted the birds lovers in Bangkok and Phuket.

I must say that before the trip I was a 30-day fasting. Prolonged fasting is an effective means for preventing paroxysms of Parkinson’s disease.

In Thailand, I saw a unique place to get out of it. Fruit, sea, sun…

Before the trip I had three sign-events. The director of travel agency told me that I had chosen the VIP-tour. The price has suddenly jumped. But I was willing to pay it. At the ATM, I got a second, more serious warning. I had to take a decent amount of money to the travel agency. At that very moment, when the bills appeared, I suddenly slipped from the stairs and fell on my back. I saw the money and my card sticking out of the machine. I got on my feet and somehow managed to grab them.

On the day of departure, there was a third very steep warning. The travel agency sent me a taxi. My flight was early. I got a call that a taxi is waiting. And I, unfortunately, could not get dressed – the disease aggravation. The 11th day of fasting and my disease worsened. I decided to take to the car at least some of my stuff. Took the bag and went down the stairs. I walked out of the door. Shook hands with the driver. Left my luggage in the car. And he went back for a backpack and ran into a closed door. I was trapped! I did not know what to do. Ten the idea came to call my neighbors. It worked !!! I happily left.

Bangkok struck me by blooming – everything was blooming, and there was music everywhere, beautiful music.

I hurried to find out how to get to the bus station. It turned out pretty far. I’ve been riding on the bus. Then I got to the mall, which has all, including offices, where they sold tickets for the bus to Phuket. I bought a ticket. My bus was leaving in the evening. I was looking for a place where the bus should be getting off, but I could not go outside. I went back to the ticket office and asked the cashier. She did not understand me, advised to buy a bus ticket. I replied that I already had a ticket, and showed it to her. She did not understand what I meant. I went to another cashier. The same. I was so angry that he literally began to yell at the cashier. Finally, they explained to me how to get to the landing place. Here I waited, finally, for my bus.