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Essay on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven is the most famous, the most charming and the most mysterious in its unearthly music poem.

Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Raven after the death of his wife, full of longing and waiting for death, and inconsolable despair. It has become a reflection of then Edgar Allan Poe, his life, death, suffering, and his poetry, mystical and elegant.

Mystical poetry of Edgar Allan Poe has unearthly nature as any poetic genius. A lot of research devoted to his poetry, but the most interesting things about him are said by poets, who know where the poesy comes from: Balmont, Gumilev, Akhmatova, poets who have had a craving for the supernatural and transcending the ordinary.

Baudelaire, who in inner perception of life is very close to Edgar Poe, wrote about his genius as mystical and poetic, as would write about himself a poet. Baudelaire called Edgar Allan Poe the poet of nerves, feeling at a deep level all the subtleties of the human soul, at the same time knowing how to convey them in a graceful form and beauty, that they seemed to have been woven from a single, well-fitting ring to ring, chain mail.

Edgar Allan Poe was a poet with supernatural abilities and his heroes were just as supernatural. Poet tossed between the mind and senses, living in the space of melancholy, loneliness, fear and anxiety. Trying to overcome them, he was building such logic that allowed him to be held in this space without crossing the edge of madness.

But at times he broke off and flew into the abyss, unable to cope with the painful attacks. After his wife’s death attacks began to be much more often, he was suffering from delirium tremens. When The Raven was published in New York, his name passed from mouth to mouth, while he walked stumbling completely drunk on Broadway. Alcohol saved him, and has ruined him.

Saved because he gave new images, serves as a unique notebook, which kept the atmosphere and the whole chain of inferences. Alcohol was also a catharsis after painfully difficult and hard work. In this connection, always remember that the translator of the book “The Ladder” John of the Ladder, after translation, which lasted several years, became an alcoholic. Such was the tension.

Suffering from being misunderstood, loneliness, hypocrisy, severe or prolonged exercise, as he knew human frailty, that a man comes into life for a few moments, and in a moment it will be absorbed by death. The tragedy life, which is in its very basis, sounds not only in The Raven, but almost in all of his poems. The Raven is just one of the most famous and perhaps the most philosophical of the poets works. Perhaps that is why so welcome by translators and simply those to whom the creativity of Edgar Allan Poe is close.

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