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Essay on Challenges Faced by Students

Everyone will agree that student life is the brightest time in our life. Nevertheless, young people have a different opinion on this statement. There is a stereotype that high school, college and university students do not study but entertain themselves all the time. They go to different parties, do crazy things and enjoy their life. Nonsense! Students have many problems and they struggle against numerous challenges every day and their life is not a piece of cake. It is possible to analyze problems of young people in detail if we want to understand them better.

Students face a great number of challenges at home, school, college, etc. When we speak about high school students, we can focus on psychological side of this issue. Young people try to find their identity, find friends and win respect of the surrounding people. High school students are teenagers who suffer from unhappy love affairs, family issues and education. They treat everything seriously and it affects their mind heavily. They are emotional, rude, rebellious and their aim is to gain positive reputation among their mates. They have conflicts with their parents and teachers, because they do not tolerate criticism. Of course, this active social life affects the quality of their education. High school students pay more attention to worthless problems and waste their time instead of studying.

College and university students also have many troubles. Firstly, they have to establish contacts with their new mates.

Communication at college is probably no less important than education, because university friends can help you gain influential and solid connections that will be useful in future. Consequently, students have to combine education with social activity and work. No wonder, students always look exhausted.

Now, it is time to speak about educational challenges faced by an average student. To begin with, young people will have to devote much time to reading and writing. Educational process is overloaded with various written assignments. Students have to master the skill of essay writing, because this assignment is considered to be the simplest one. Moreover, it is a foundation and basis for research paper and review writing. In addition, students will have to review books and movies. They should write case study papers and design scientific projects. PowerPoint presentation and speech writing is also an integral part of college and university education. Every year students will have to write term papers in order to demonstrate their progress and professional knowledge. When one plans to build his academic career, he will need to deal with dissertation writing.

When one wants to succeed in paper writing, he should learn to manage his time wisely. Every assignment has its own requirements and deadline. Young people ought to cope with every academic paper on time. It is very difficult to plan the process of writing. Students should get to know how to select the right sources for research, how to analyze their topic and how to apply the right research methods in the proper place and time. They will have to learn how to differentiate high-quality and poor-quality sources and how to organize every assignment according to the required format.

On the whole, educational process is a challenging and energy consuming job, though every student will understand that it is the best investment into his personality and future career.

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