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Essay on Canadian Culture

It is sometimes said that the Canadian culture relies only on its sustained effort to differentiate itself from its southern neighbor, the United States. However, others argue that if the two countries share some aspects of a common cultural heritage, there is also a growing separate and identifiable Canadian culture. In particular, they cite what they see as a greater integration of Amerindian culture; retention of traditions from the early French and English settlers and a significant infusion of Celtic immigrants in later phases of the history of the country. Since the 1970s, the Government of Canada is pursuing an official policy of multiculturalism to give way to more recent immigrants from countries besides France and the British Isles.

The first features of contemporary Canadian culture were put back in the Age of Discovery. In 1497, at the end of June John Cabot discovered the island, which he called Newfoundland. This marked the beginning of settlement and development in Canada, which was not without struggle, not only with the local population, but also between the two European nations, the French and British. The presence in the future state of the two nationalities that did not assimilate each other, did not create a synthesis of the two cultures, led to the duality of the culture, which was strengthened by introducing an official second language in 1969. Due to this, for example, in Canada, there are modern concepts such as: English-Canadian literature and Québec (French) literature. Given that few Canadians know both official languages ​​(in 1996 only 17% of the population could be fluent in English and French) suggests that the differences in these two areas of culture are present now. However, the government P. Trudeau believed that bilingualism will contribute to national reconciliation in Canada.

Settlers who came to Canada “brought” with them their customs, traditions, language, religion, and culture. Colonists in the new territories tried to recreate the lifestyle that they had in England or in France. And after the establishment in 1867 of the Dominion of Canada, the country experienced the cultural influence of the metropolitan (a strong cultural influence of France in the province of Quebec and that of England in the rest of the country). As a result of long-term impact of metropolitan, the culture of Canada was much closer to the European traditions. Various factors such as climate, external threats, led to certain changes in the Canadian lifestyle. These changes are reflected in the language (linguists claim of exceptional Canadian English) and culture, but they were minor. Until the 19th century in Canada there were no professional writers and artists in the mainstream literature and visual arts trends of the dominion were taken in England, for the English-speaking part of the country, and in France for the French-speaking population of Canada.

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