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Essay on Balancing Family and Work

One evening, after returning home from work, I quietly went to my son’s room to hug and kiss him goodnight. But he was not asleep.”Dad! Today is Wednesday!” – Told me my twelve-years-old son. “Today was our evening, Dad! And you forgot!”

In the maelstrom of meetings, to-do lists and deadlines, I forgot about the most important ministry that God has entrusted to me: my family. When was the last time when I had a date with my wife? Many weeks ago! And I knew that everything must change – and immediately. I should have properly balancing my family and work. I should focus my attention on my family. I want them to see that I appreciate them no less than my work and ministry.

We are determined to achieve our goals. And somehow in the midst of the bustle of work, we forget that our boy is waiting for us at home. He’s waiting to throw a ball together. Or it may be a teenage girl, who desperately needs to talk to you about boys. Or wife, who misses all the attention that she got during the dating. Why does it happen? How does this happen? How not to allow this to happen to you?

Let’s try to imagine that we are sitting in a cafe next to the house and talk about life. I want to ask you a very personal question. Can I? Say what do you really want to achieve? And could it happen that the object of your wish drove you out of your precious family (the same woman, you were once madly in love with and who cares)? But these people need to spend time in your company. And it should be quality time, not what is left after work and ministry.

Well, while the coffee is hot and we still have a minute, I want to share with you something that can help you achieve the right balance between work and family. Pen? Then please drop a pair of thoughts on a napkin.

Gather together all the members of your family and make a declaration of your family. Setting goals for the family is just as important as for your work. We wanted all the members of our family to have the same understanding of the purposes and principles of life, because it will affect what we do together. Do not know where to start? I’ll give you an excerpt from the Declaration of my family as an example:

“We travel through life together rooted in Christ and gathering strength for our mission. We want to do something important on this planet. And for this we are learning to live like Jesus, for Jesus and in Jesus.”

Listing the points of our declaration, we would like building a house: we have walls (laughter), doors (prayer) and windows (various important qualities).