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Essay on Are We Really Working for Our Goals

Career growth and professional success is impossible without strict adherence to put career goals. That is why the first question we have to ask ourselves are we really working for our goals.

Find the main, most important, the most clear reason for why you want to work precisely on this, and no other. Believe me, the implementation of this rule will help you determine how accurately you pursue your goal, and not waste your time on short-term benefits and have not lost you motivation to achieve your goals.

Presence and persecution of distinct professional goals allows any specialist not to lose interest in the work done, helping to keep and maintained your job, which bring not only earnings but also deep emotional and moral satisfaction with the process and results of your work.

You should also analyze the degree of your professional efficiency. And if the result does not satisfy you, you should find the cause of poor performance. Are you not satisfied with your work for some reason or other, this frustration robs you of motivation to follow your dreams. In this case you should determine whether you want to change and are you ready to change your situation. If you decide to choose another career, you need to decide what, but if you’re satisfied with your position, but want career growth, try to understand the situation and answer the question how can I grow as a specialist. Making decision is a very important part of your success so it is always the hardest part.

After making a decision you should proceed to its implementation. You must develop a strategy and tactics of your movement to success. You need to determine the most effective ways to solve the problem and find the most effective tools for its implementation. You need to carefully examine your advantages and disadvantages, try to fix the first and highlight the second.

To strictly monitor what is happening, we recommend you to make a plan that you stick in the pursuit of your goals. You need to prioritize certain actions and choose the ones that give the best results.

An important point is the psychological readiness for change. You need to find the internal negative factors not allowing you to unleash your potential and find an effective way to get rid of them. Your fears and frustrations are often a limit to your progress.

Last but not least is a part of getting pleasure from the process. You must allow achieved results delight you and bring moral dividends for the work done and the distance traveled. Only this way your efforts will bring you satisfaction and motivate you to new achievements.