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Essay: Nursing is a Science and an Art

What do you know about nursing? Doubtless, nursing is associated with a professional healthcare provider who takes care of patients and their comfort. Nurses do not treat patients, but they do their best to make the patient’s staying at hospital comfortable. Very often, we do not pay attention to nurses and their hard work. However, their assistance cannot be overestimated. They help a patient cope with pain, consume food and satisfy his basic needs. Overall, nurses try to reduce your stress and make you feel like you are at home. Nursing is a broad and complicated science. However, it is possible to say that nursing is an art and I will try to support this statement with the solid arguments.

The scientific background of nursing is solid. Every nurse learns about different diseases and injuries in order to be able to provide a patient with the professional first aid. It is important to know how to react in unpredictable and stressful situations. A nurse should be able to react to any changes of the indicators of health rapidly, because her patient’s life depends on her skills and professionalism.

No wonder, an average nurse knows everything about medicine and their characteristics. Therefore, it is not right to claim that a nurse is a poorly educated person. Very often, she knows more than an average physicist. A nurse is responsible for her patient. When he has survived a surgical operation, she has to take care of him. She provides her patient with the pills and mixtures prescribed by the doctor. She has to check the condition of her patient according to the schedule. Moreover, it is important to maintain order and cleanness in the room. Consequently, a nurse is responsible for hygienic issues as well.

Nursing is an art, because every nurse is not just a healthcare provider, but a psychologist and designer. Everybody knows that the process of recovery is improved in the favorable atmosphere. This atmosphere is maintained by a nurse. She tries to communicate with her patients in order to reduce their shock and stress. She helps them cope with their psychological troubles and disappointment. It is of vital importance to be able to calm down a patient. No wonder, a good nurse is the nurse who possesses communicative skills. When a patient suffers from an incurable disease, she manages to help him accept this burden peacefully.

A nurse is an actress. She plays a different role with every patient. She strives to find the right approach towards everyone. A professional nurse possesses persuasive skills. When she speaks to her patient who is an athlete, she tries to demonstrate her interest towards sports. Although she does not like sports, this athlete believes that he has found a friend in this hospital. A minute later, the nurse speaks to another patient and says that she is a perfect chess player. Then, she plays the role of a former teacher, engineer or clerk in order to find a common language with her new patients.

Obviously, it is impossible to become a nurse. It is an inborn quality. I should say that nursing is one of the most difficult occupations, because a good nurse has a great number of important traits of character. She has to be smart, patient, attentive, coldblooded, firm and mild simultaneously. She should be able to make radical decisions rapidly, because human life depends on the speed of her reaction. A nurse is a multitasking healthcare provider who knows the answers to all questions.

Unfortunately, this occupation is underrated, because people do not understand the whole amount of work fulfilled by nurses. Nursing is a science and an art, because every nurse is not just an expert in the field of medicine but an actor, psychologist and friend who is always at hand when you require instant assistance.