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Essay: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

November 8, 2016 is a paramount day in the USA, because the country is choosing its 45th president. There are two major candidates who have a chance to hold presidency in 2016.

The first one is Hillary Clinton who is the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

The second one is Donald Trump – the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

According to the leading political experts, critics and journalists, the country is choosing between the worst candidates. Very few people sincerely support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. They do not have a choice and select the ‘best’ among the ‘worst’ nominees. The current 44th President Barack Obama is finishing his career uncertainly. There are many relevant but unsolved problems that were neglected by the current President Obama. The increasing crime rates in cities, the increasing problem of unemployment and uncertain position of the USA on the international arena (the reaction towards the crimes of ISIS and Russia in particular) bother every voter. Both Clinton and Trump will have much work to do to win respect of an average American. Both candidates have a task to improve the prestige of the USA and solve its internal problems. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are depicted like severe rivals inasmuch as they belong to the competing political parties. What is the difference between them?

It is reasonable to analyze both candidates according to the specific categories. If we pay attention to the political experience of both nominees, we will notice a slight difference between them. It is possible to say that Hillary Clinton is not a spontaneous or amateur politician whereas she has devoted 8 years to her political career. Donald Trump can be called a novice politician, because he has never held elective office or worked as a Senator. He is a professional and successful businessperson who has built his own prosperous business empire. Some people say that a businessman cannot rule a country, because he does not possess knowledge about the basic political issues. On the other hand, an experienced entrepreneur can treat a country as a big corporation. If he has managed to build his own international business empire, he knows how to manage people, resources and money. He knows how to resolve conflicts and overcome all possible challenges.

Next, if we pay attention to the personal information about every nominee, we will say that both candidates are unusually old. Hillary Clinton is 68 while Donald Trump is 70. It is difficult to speak about the health of the nominees but none them has gone any serious diagnosis that can prevent them from this stressful job. Both candidates love money. However, it is hard to say how this obsession will influence the quality of their work. Some political experts admit that Hillary Clinton has earnt a lot being involved into politics. Donald Trump, on his turn, has not received this reputation yet.

What about the ideology of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? This question is probably the most important one forasmuch ideology is the main factor that can illustrate the policy of every nominee. Hillary Clinton is treated like a liberal politician while Donald Trump has strictly conservative preferences. Without question, the ideology of both nominees has a strong impact on the domestic and international issues.

What are the priorities in the domestic policy? Hillary Clinton is against of the absolute right to gun ownership. Trump, on his turn, supports this idea. Then, Clinton stands for the prioritizing of the use of green energy and further expansion of Obamacare. Trump does not agree to these ideas. Both candidates support the idea of higher taxation on the wealthy. Next, Clinton wants to give the green light to immigrants. Trump is known for his negative attitudes to the illegal aliens. The attitude towards individual rights is also different. Clinton says that abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right. She feels comfortable with the same-sex marriages and wants women and minorities to be legally hired. Trump has a conservative point of view about these issues.

What about the defense and international policy? Donald Trump stands for the expansion of the US armed forces and supports American exceptionalism. Hillary Clinton does not support these points. Both candidates do not support any military campaigns saying that the USA should stay neutral keeping from the use of its armed forces.

In conclusion, it is impossible to predict the winner of the 58th election in the USA whereas both nominees have the same chances for victory.

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