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Essay: Does Pop Culture Deserve Serious Study?

Pop culture is a complex of ideas, trends and images that characterize the condition of modern civilization. In simple words, pop culture is everywhere. We can see it on TV, in the Internet, newspapers, in the street, etc. Pop culture is primarily associated with Western culture of the second half of the 20th century. Pop culture got its birth due to the rapid development of mass media, especially television. People from all over the world got a chance to take a glance at the life in Western countries. Very soon Western standards of life became regular in other parts of the world.

Pop culture is characterized with globalization. When there is a trend in one country, other countries will borrow this trend very soon too. When one thinks about the most distinct characteristic features of pop culture, he will think about music, cinematography and fashion. Moreover, he will think about consumerism, because modern people live to buy everything they see. Naturally, music, movies and fashion are universal categories in every part of the world. A skillful rock band is able to find fans everywhere. A high-quality and relevant movie is popular both in the USA and Iran. A yellow T-shirt of a famous brand is worn both in Paris and Mexico. Consequently, pop culture is closely connected with globalization, because its norms and standard can be found everywhere. “High culture” did not have such strong influence and scope.

Modern philosophers wonder if it is possible to study pop culture seriously. In my opinion, the answer is very simple. Yes, pop culture deserves serious study, because it is a part of our everyday life.

Every modern movie, song, novel, picture is a contribution into modern culture. There are many talented artists, actors, singers and writers who will definitely remain in history. Furthermore, pop culture is the original phenomenon and there are many inventions and contributions that deserve study. We can mention pop music, comic books, movies, TV shows that make our life brighter.

Finally, it is possible to claim that pop culture is a relative concept. We can say that “pop culture” existed centuries ago, but it had different names, for example, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Romanticism, Realism, etc. Every kind of high culture was popular at its time. In addition, philosophers and intellectual elite of the 19th century did not respect and appreciate Vincent van Gogh who is called a genius now. No one paid attention to Edgar Allan Poe who died in complete poverty. But nowadays this author is believed to be one the greatest writers of the 19th century. Every innovation and new trend is severely criticized by the intellectual elite and conservatives. However, this trend becomes an integral part of high culture with the run of time. It is not a secret that John Lennon, Jimmi Hendrix, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Coco Chanel will win their places among the prominent representatives of high culture in future. Future generations will admire the skills of a famous violinist David Garret, though he is a common pop star today. Consequently, we should treat pop culture with respect, because very soon it will be a part of high culture. We should study the works and influence of modern artists, photographers, designers, actors, directors, writers and sculptors if we want to improve human knowledge and develop our civilization.

Pop culture is a part of our everyday life. Very soon we will remember modern celebrities as innovators and great contributors into the development of our civilization. Therefore, pop culture deserves serious study and proper attitude towards its elements.