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Essay: Do Your Teachers Use Technology Well?

Nowadays we live in the Information Age. Technology is developed with enormous speed.

Everyone has a device and access to the Internet that enables him to find any piece of information he wants. One is able to find everything in the Internet. It is possible to find online libraries, educational resources and materials for self-improvement. There are many devices that can be used for educational purposes.

One can mention smart boards, personal computers, laptops, tablets, etc. Naturally, a teacher should be able to use all devices professionally in order to vary and improve the quality of education.

Have you ever thought about the time without the Internet and IT? Obviously, the educational process of that time differs from our reality, though many teachers still have troubles with the use of technology in educational process. The main reason is age. The absolute number of teachers belongs to mature age.

It does not worth mentioning that some 50-year-old teachers have problems with modern technologies. It is hard to adapt to new reality and brand new norms of life and education. Years ago educational process was less varied. Today, on the contrary, teachers have to invent new methods and techniques of education. They have to introduce brand new technologies into education in order to improve its quality. When a teacher lectures about World War 2, it is smart to provide students with videos and photos illustrating that terrible times. A smart board will help him make a common history lesson more colorful and dynamic. When a student sees the objects and events mentioned by his teacher on the smart board, he remembers and understands this material better. When you learn foreign languages, it is useful to watch a movie in the original or take advantage of a special computer program that helps students master the right pronunciation of sounds. As you see, the opportunities are unlimited. If a teacher possesses rich imagination, he can organize his educational process in the original way.

It will not be a mistake to claim that only young teachers use technology intensively, because it is close to them. They use gadgets and computers in their everyday life; therefore, they know how to introduce technology into educational process correctly. On the other hand, young teachers are inexperienced and they misunderstand the actual importance of technology in education. One ought to realize that technology is a simple tool. A computer or a smart board is only a tool. These tools help a teacher conduct his lecture in the proper way. It is unwise to substitute lectures and discussions with apps, movies and activities on a digital board.

When we speak about mature teachers, we can say that they often have problems with the simplest technologies. Sometimes they do not know how to use a simple projector apart from computers and complicated computer programs. They spend much time on technical organization of educational process. Sometimes they require 20 minutes to turn on a computer.

The best way to cope with this problem is to organize special classes for teachers where they will learn how to use technologies correctly. Every modern teacher should know at least basic information about modern devices and computers that are used in the process of education. Every teacher has to improve his technical skills if he wants to keep up with the times.

Technology is a very important factor in modern education, though teachers should remember that only deep knowledge and professional skills can help them gain respect and attract attention of students.

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