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Essay: Delegating Responsibilities is the Key to Effective Management

One of the most important duties of every professional manager is to learn to delegate responsibilities. Every small and big company is a group of people who work hard for their common profit. Every member of a group is important, because he has his own duties and skills. When a group works coherently, it is easy to reach a common goal. The success of every firm and big corporation depends on coordination and professionalism of its staff. It is very important to manage this staff effectively. Poor management can spoil the most successful company. It is not enough to hire professional and experienced employees. One should manage their work effectively, if he wants to improve employee performance.

Obviously, a good manager is able to teach other employees to delegate their responsibilities. It does not worth mentioning that there is much work to do in every small firm and big international corporation. Naturally, it is important to intensify the process of production. The best way to make this process more effective is to distribute duties among different employees. It is impossible to cope with a great number of duties without extra help. Consequently, a good manager should distribute tasks between all employees. Everybody knows that it is easier to cope with difficult work together. When every member of a team makes his small contribution into the common work, it will be easier to complete it on time. Furthermore, the quality of this work will be better. The main task of every experienced manager is to plan, organize, monitor and facilitate the process of production. He has to observe and control the performance of every employee. He should help every employee organize his time wisely. He should give advice and help every employee with the solution of his problems.

A good manager should know how to distribute tasks among employees wisely. He should be able to evaluate their knowledge, skills and professionalism. Every worker is good at something. Consequently, a manager should know about strong and weak sides of every employee. It will make the process of production more effective. Evidently, a manager has to play several roles. He should be a coach, who trains and teaches his team. In addition, he should be a psychologist, who is able to communicate with his employees and motivate them professionally.

Every manager should understand that his ability of proper delegating influences his company’s finance. If he distributes tasks wisely, it will save much time and money. Furthermore, it will reduce the cost of production, because experienced employees are able to do their job rapidly and effectively. Finally, a company is able to save money when devotes a task to a lower-paid employee. Delegating responsibilities is useful for professional and personal development of every worker. Evidently, monotonous work exhausts people rapidly. If you want to increase their fatigue and spirit, you should diverse their duties. It is smart to set new and new challenges in order to make employee’s life interesting. Moreover, a worker will improve his self-esteem if he sees that a manager devotes different types of duties to him. As a result, delegating responsibilities is a good exercise. You are able to obtain a group of multitasking employees who can cope with any task.

In conclusion, I suppose that delegating responsibilities is the key to effective management, because this approach improves industriousness and resoluteness of every employee. A worker can apply his skills in his favorite job and train new skills fulfilling various challenging duties.