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Essay: Dating Violence and Abuse Statistics

According to the statistics, more than 1.5 million teenagers suffer from dating abuse every year.

About 10% of young people are hit and slapped on purpose by their partners regularly. These shocking figures demonstrate a sad picture of our current society. Dating violence touches upon nearly every couple. Young people are going to live with this psychological trauma further. The problem of dating abuse is very debatable and vague inasmuch as very few people know at least something about it. What is dating violence? It is a kind of physical and psychological abuse that occurs between the members of a couple. This problem touches upon husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends and single-sex couples. Most often, this type of abuse is practiced by the dominant member of a family or couple. The subordinate members play as victims of violent actions and behavior.

Why is the problem of dating violence so notable? The answer is very easy. It touches upon the enormous number of people of different age, especially youth. Young people are extremely vulnerable to dating abuse whereas this matter is very important to them. Young men and women start dating at the age of 13 or 14. Teenagers are quite romantic and emotional in this age. They expect that their boyfriend or girlfriend will share happiness and grief with them. Unluckily, the actual situation is different. Many young people treat their boyfriends and girlfriends negatively. About 94% of young people by the age of 19 are the victims of dating violence. With the run of time, the number of the cases related to dating abuse reduces. For instance, by the age of 25, the number of the cases of dating violence reduces to 70%. Numerous teenagers become the victims of physical and psychological abuse from the side of their partners. They are humiliated, mocked at, hit, slapped and physically hurt. Sexual abuse and rape are other elements of physical abuse. For example, more than 16% of college women are the victims of sexual abuse annually.

Dating abuse is dangerous for our society inasmuch as it influences the entire life of everyone.

For example, if a 15-year-old girl suffered from various forms of dating violence, she has this trauma even when she is 40. This negative experience can influence her further relations. Furthermore, dating violence can cause negative impact on one’s physics. For example, about 50% of the young people who are the victims of sexual abuse commit suicide. Then, there is a risk of substance abuse and various psychological disorders. Finally, many young women become pregnant after physical or sexual abuse. Without doubt, there are only two ways out from such a situation.

An adolescent woman can have a baby and sacrifice her education and career. Another way out is abortion. Both solutions are negative whereas a young woman cannot cope with such stress.

Undoubtedly, women suffer from dating abuse more. The most vulnerable period of their life is from 16 to 24 years. The most common form of dating violence is psychological abuse. For example, a young woman has to provide her jealous partner with the social network passwords that limits her freedom of thought and action. She is not permitted to meet her friends and spend her free time in the way she wants. She is often humiliated and shouted at. Many young women have to tolerate hits and slaps from the side of their partners. As might be expected, the problem of dating violence is very delicate and very few people report about the cases of abuse. For instance, only 33% of women report about the cases of physical or sexual violence. They are ashamed of their condition and they want to forget about it. Thus, the number of the actual victims of dating abuse is enormous. The official statistics shows only 1/3 of all cases. Sad to say but parents cannot help their children cope with the results of dating abuse. Although 82% of parents claim they can recognize the signs of dating violence in the behavior of their children, the actual situation is different. It is practically impossible to detect the signs of psychological or sexual abuse. Moreover, many parents do not treat dating violence as a problem; therefore, they do not try to help their children cope with its consequences.

As you see, the problem of dating violence is urgent and striking. Regardless of how we try to ignore it, it still requires attention and rapid solution.

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