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Essay: Can Cell Phones Be Educational Tools?

Can we use cell phones for educational purposes? This question is very controversial and it is difficult to find a single objective answer to it. Obviously, modern technologies develop rapidly. A simple cell phone has got a great number of additional options that make it a multifunctional device.

Nowadays, a cell phone is not just a means of cell communication. This device can help one make calls, work in the Internet, read books, play, watch movies, listen to music, etc. This small gadget can be at hand when you need a navigator in a new place; when you need a dictionary to understand unknown words in the foreign environment, etc. Finally, it can help you spend time with amusement.

But can one use a cell phone as an educational tool? Let us focus on the weak sides of smartphones in education. Many people think that smartphones interrupt educational process and they are right.

Students spend so much time in the Internet that they cannot survive without chatting and texting. They need to check their Facebook and Instagram accounts frequently in order to be aware about the latest updates in their timelines. When they miss a photo or a message of their friend, they start to panic.

Naturally, modern students use their smartphones at school. Unfortunately, they do not pay attention to their teachers and their current progress reduces. They are too busy with games and the Internet and they do not have time for attentive listening. In this case, the best decision is to ban smartphones at classes, because unreasonable use of these devices interrupts educational process.

Now, let us speak about the advantages of cell phones at school. I should admit that unlimited functions of smartphones can be very useful for students. To begin with, a good smartphone has a great number of apps that can be at hand for every young person. Every student is able to download educational apps for free. There are high-quality apps that can help you train your speaking and writing skills. When you learn foreign languages, you can download an app that trains your grammar and listening. You are able to learn new rules and listen to the correct pronunciation of new sounds. You are able to download books and read texts in the original. This function is extremely important, because some books cannot be found at your local library. Moreover, you do not have to carry a heavy book in your bag all the time. You have everything in your portable smart device.

Many schools suffer from poor financial supply. Consequently, they do not possess enough projectors, calculators, books, monitors, audio recorders, etc. A cell phone is the best solution of this problem.

When you possess a smartphone, you have a calculator, a dictionary and a computer screen near at hand.

You do not have to spend money on additional appliances that can be found in your gadget. Next, cell phones help students keep in touch with one another. It is very important for group work and projects.

They can share information and discuss problems with one another at a moment’s notice. As a result, they cope with a group projects faster, their work becomes dynamic.

Modern cell phones are no longer simple means of communication. They contain a great number of functions and provide people with wide opportunities. No wonder, a cell phone can be used for educational purposes due to its numerous advantages. However, students should understand that they have to be careful and use these devices wisely.

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