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English Essay on Blessing of Science

It is very difficult to explain the definite meaning of the term ‘science’. One can imagine complicated explanations that will not cover the entire term. I suppose, I can describe science with the one word – knowledge. Centuries ago, people did not know about many common things. They did not understand the cause of various natural phenomena and physical processes. They were afraid of fire, lightning, thunderstorm, etc. Everything that was not understandable to them was related to religion or magic. No wonder, there were many pagan gods that possessed their own qualities and fulfilled their own roles in the world. For example, there was a god of fire, water, earth or air. Some gods were positive. Others embodied negative phenomena that feared people. With the run of time, people learnt about numerous secrets of nature and physical environment became not so frightening to them. This enlightenment occurred due to the scientific discoveries in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry or biology. Science is blessing. I will try to focus on the positive aspects of science, due to which our life on Earth has become easier.

It is easy to define many positive contributions of science into our life. The foremost one is the knowledge about natural environment. Due to numerous investigations in the field of physics and chemistry people know about the origin of rain, fire, lightning, snow, etc. We know that storm is not the anger of gods but a common natural phenomenon. People have managed to conquer nature because they know how it ‘works’. The success in agriculture, navigation and building became possible with the help of science. When people discovered that our planet is round, they created detailed maps with the routes to any part of the world.

The conquest of nature became possible due to the rapid improvement of engineering. We have leant how to build various machines and appliances that help us research the highest tops of the mountains, the driest deserts, the coldest Arctic areas and the deepest hollows in the oceans. We have managed to build cities and roads in the coldest and driest parts of Earth. We have learnt to use mineral resources to produce energy for heating or creation of electricity. The latter is probably the most notable discovery of all time. No one can imagine his life without electricity. Every appliance and machine works due to it. You will never possess a smartphone, computer, automobile and even common lamp without electricity. This sort of energy is the most considerable one.

Science has enabled us to learn more about ourselves. Biology, medicine and genetic engineering can tell us everything about the constitution of our body, its main physiological processes, the cause and effect of diseases, etc. The current level of healthcare system makes it possible to cure nearly every disease. The duration of our life has become longer. Years ago, people hardly lived up to 40 years. The modern indicator is twice higher.

Science made it possible to travel from one point of Earth to another rapidly. The world has become smaller. One can travel from Australia to the UK crossing the entire planet in 24 hours. What is more, people have conquered space. Space flights are no longer fantastic. Very soon, people will colonize new planets and research the universe.

Science is able to solve such problems as hunger and epidemics. The current progress in genetic engineering enables scientists to create healthier, stronger and more productive cultures that can feed the entire planet. The modern level of medicine can defeat nearly every dangerous disease.

In fact, the rapid improvement of science causes other problems. The first problem is overpopulation caused by the improvement of health, hygiene and quality of food products. Another problem is pollution. The process of industrialization is associated with the consumption of solid mineral and water resources. The wastes from the production of energy and various goods are poured into the rivers, seas and oceans. Harmful gases and emission are released into the air. Thus, out economic growth and material wellbeing causes harm to the natural environment. Furthermore, there is a problem of deforestation, whereas people require wood for the creation of paper, furniture, houses and production of energy. Finally, the success in engineering is associated with the creation of the new types of weapon. There are chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction that can kill thousands of people at once. Nevertheless, there are more positive examples of the contributions of science that let us say that science is blessing.

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