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Ecological Imbalance Essay

With the development of modern industry and technology all over the world, the issue of ecological imbalance is the most urgent one. This problem has reached a scale at which it is practically impossible to resolve. Much of what has been destroyed, unfortunately we will not be able to recover.

Ecological imbalance between the natural factors and human activities is socio-ecological crisis. This means that the balance between the environment and society is broken. This situation can lead to the destruction of humanity.

The extent of the ecological imbalance may be different. Pollution is the smallest damage that was done to the environment. In this case, the nature itself can cope with the problem. After some time, it will restore the balance, providing there won’t be the harm factor.

The second degree is ecological imbalance. Here biosphere loses its ability to repair itself. In order for balance to bounce back, you need human intervention.

The final stage is the most dangerous, and called the destruction. This is the limit after which it becomes impossible to restore the pristine condition for the ecosystem. This environmental disaster is caused by an ill-considered actions of a man and his impermissible destruction of the natural environment. This disaster has already taken place in some parts of the globe.

The reasons for ecological imbalance are associated with the increasing industrialisation, irrational waste of natural resources, deforestation, water pollution — all this because of what ecological disaster is happening. Harming nature, man jeopardizes its existence. This also creates a lot of trouble for mankind: a demographic crisis, hunger, lack of natural resources and destruction of the environment. Unjustified deforestation leads to the disappearance of animals and birds. This leads to changes in the ecological balance. If mankind will not restore destroyed crops and will not engage in the protection of endangered animals, it will lead to the destruction of humanity.

Ecological imbalance in the cities is the most massive. Construction of buildings and cutting parks lead to clogging of the environment. A large number of vehicles and lack of green spaces contribute to the accumulation of smog and carbon dioxide. This results in the increase in the number of sick people among the urban population.

Industrial development has led to an increase in harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Not many business leaders take care of the environment. In this situation, mankind can expect an ecological disaster.

Today, in many countries the environmental issues are sharply rose. The political leaders and environmental committees concern the changes occurring in nature. Many manufacturers are establishing cleaner production. Thus, for example, began to produce electric cars, totally safe for the environment. A particularly important point is the recycling of waste. This question needs an immediate solution. Many countries are seriously engaged in the disposal and recycling of human waste – it’s one of the ways to restore the balance between the natural world and society. is online essay writing company which can provide each student with a high-quality custom essay paper written by professional writers.