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Descriptive Essay about Nature

Everyone will agree that the natural environment is the most beautiful and inspiring thing in the world. When you suffer from depression and stress, you are able to go for a walk and you will feel better. You can go to a picturesque place and you will fill your soul and mind with positive emotions. Some people say that they do not like spending their spare time outdoors. In my opinion, such people do not know anything about nature and its elements. They have never seen rocky mountains, deep forests and crystal lakes and rivers. They do not know about wildlife and its beauty.

Many people think that there are positive and negative sides of nature. On the one hand, they are right, because many components of nature are very dangerous. We can mention volcanic eruptions, tsunami, earthquakes, floods, poisonous insects and fierce animals, etc. These elements of nature are dangerous for our life and health. On the other hand, it is wrong to claim that there are negative components of nature. The worst volcanic eruption is an extremely beautiful phenomenon. People are always astonished by the height of the waves caused by tsunami. We enjoy looking at tigers and sharks, though they can kill us at a moment’s notice. Consequently, one can say that the Mother Nature is beautiful and dangerous simultaneously.

Everybody knows that there are four seasons, which help us enjoy the natural environment from all sides. Summer is the warmest and the most favorite season for everyone. People enjoy going to the seaside, travelling to exotic places or just enjoying themselves outdoors. You can go to the forest and look at old and massive trees, pick mushrooms and smell thousands of marvelous and colorful flowers. You can look at rivers, lakes and waterfalls and spend your time near the water. Autumn is supposed to be the worst season, because its weather is nasty. The temperature is always low and you cannot spend time outdoors because of constant rain. On the other hand, autumn is an extremely beautiful season, due to colorful trees, bushes and grass. No wonder, autumn is the most favorite season for artists. Winter is a magical season, especially when it is snowy. When the whole environment is covered with snow, you feel like in a fairy-tale. The beauty of winter cannot be overestimated due to its dominant white color. Spring is probably the most romantic and mysterious season, because the entire nature wakes up from its long dream. When the snow melts and you feel the first rays of the sun, you notice hundreds of tiny flowers, which define the beginning of spring. All plants become covered with the odorous fresh leaves and all animals, birds and insects start their activity bringing hope for the new life.

There are places, which attract our attention in any season. For example, we can go to the mountains at summer and in winter. When it is warm, we can ride the bike and observe various mountain forests, lakes, waterfalls and valleys. When it is cold, we have the most brilliant chance to spend our time skiing, sledging and snowboarding. There are very few things, which can be compared with the mountain slopes covered with snow. When you go to the seaside at summer, you are able to observe the emerald color of water and golden shades of sand. In winter, you will notice white and grey beaches on the background of the rough storms and dark-blue shades of the sea.

In conclusion, nature is a versatile and controversial element. We live in the natural environment and our life depends on climate, weather and other components of nature. We should enjoy nature in every time of the year, because it obtains different colors and spirit at every new season. Finally, we should admire the natural phenomena and the wildlife, but we should always remember about the danger and unpredictable character of the Mother Nature.

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