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Critical Thinking Essay Example

I was asked to prepare a critical thinking essay about any topic. I have made my mind to write a critical thinking essay about my favorite movie Tristan and Isolde. I was surprised when I leant that Ridley Scott, a producer of this movie, worked on this screen version for thirty years. Unfortunately, I did not go to the cinema to watch the film; therefore, I spent two hours at home to evaluate the producer’s work. I enjoy the theme of the Dark Ages, so I spent my time with pleasure.

Tristan and Isolde saw the world in 2006. This movie belongs to the genre of epic romantic drama. The film is produced by Ridley and Tony Scott. The director is Kevin Reynolds. The stars of the movie are James Franco and Sophia Myles. The running time is 125 minutes.

The action takes place in Britain and Ireland just after the collapse of the Roman Empire during the Dark Ages. Britain consisted of many lands and nations. There were Saxons, Angles, Celts and Jutes. At that time, Ireland was the most powerful kingdom in the area and other kings were afraid of fighting against Irish king. Lord Marke of Cornwall tried to unite the peoples of Britain in order to resist Irish dominance on the island. The main theme of Tristan and Isolde resembles Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. These young people were the representatives of the rival families and they fell in love with each other. Tristan was on the side of Britain. Isolde was the daughter of the king of Ireland. It does not worth mentioning that the movie ends with Tristan’s death and Isolde’s mourning; therefore the ending is pessimistic.

I would like to say a few words about the skills and play of actors. In my opinion, they managed to perform in the best way, though James Franco had to play an extremely sorrowful Tristan. I guess the feelings of this character were exaggerated. Such a fierce and courageous warrior could not be so sad all the time.

The plot development was conducted in the proper way. At first, we see Tristan’s childhood, which explains the prehistory of the entire story and then we meet a strong and ambitious young man who is ready to help his uncle Lord Marke unite the people of Britain.

I was positively surprised that there were no special effects in the movie. The director relied on the play of the cast and their professionalism. He do not see epic battles and action. There are no explosions and acrobatic tricks of the fighting warriors. The camera operator attracts our attention with the help of the marvelous and picturesque sceneries of Britain and Ireland. You will see fascinating views of mountains, valleys and seas. I should say this movie is one of the most beautiful ones due to the proper choice of the scenery and general color of the picture. The dominant colors are cold blue and dark green. They perfectly reflect the mood and atmosphere of the Dark Ages.

I enjoyed the soundtracks of Tristan and Isolde. The music was composed by Anne Dudley. The sound improves the melancholy mood of the entire movie and helps you become absorbed in it.

Finally, I would like to say a few words about decorations and costumes. The surrounding world was created perfectly.

To my mind, it was possible to create better and more varied costumes for the crowd, because all people looked alike and confused the viewer.

In conclusion, I suppose that Tristan and Isolde is a very atmospheric and captive movie. When you like epic romantic drama, you ought to devote two hours of your spare time to this film. You will enjoy its plot, cast, sound and picture.

I recommend this film to everyone who enjoys watching successful and high-quality adaptations.

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