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College Essay on Sports Injuries

Everyone who wants to build his professional sports career should bear in mind that he is under the constant risk of being injured. Sport is dangerous for human physical and psychological health. If you want to become a professional sportsman, you should devote much time to this activity. Many sportsmen begin their career at an early age. Most often, their career starts at the age of 5 or 7. It is vital to make the child interested in the specific kind of sports if you want it to succeed in it. There is a wrong thought that boxing, football or baseball are the only dangerous kinds of sports. The actual truth is completely different. Every kind of sports is harmful. Very often, sportsmen get injured by mistake or just during their everyday training session. Why are sports injures dangerous? Let us focus on this problem in detail.

The main causes of sports injuries are careless performance at a competition, brutal behavior of the rivals and accidents at training. You will be surprised but the third factor is the most common one. The majority of sportsmen are injured when they train.

Sometimes they forget to control their motions and they step aside, fall down or strain muscles. Such unlucky athletes have to miss competitions in order to recover. The process of recovery lasts from several weeks to several months. There are cases that an injured sportsman has to miss more than half of a year of active life. It is obvious that football players, hockey players, boxers, wrestlers, etc. are injured because of the brutal behavior of the players from both sides. A common hockey player or boxer loses teeth, brakes nose, arms, legs and pulls muscles. These kinds of sports are brutal and every sportsman is aware about the possibility of an accident. No one is surprised when he hears about a seriously injured football player or biker. Everyone is astonished when he learns about an injured runner or tennis player. Such kinds of sports seem to be completely safe and harmless inasmuch as sportsmen do not interact with one another. They even do not touch one another. In these cases, sportsmen are injured because of their own careless motions. For instance, if there is a difficult game, a tennis player has to move rapidly in order to hit the ball on time. Such sudden moves can be harmful for human muscles and ligaments.

Sports injures are harmful for the athlete’s psychological health. Pulled muscles and broken bones can be dangerous for sports career. When a sportsman misses several months of competitions, he can feel weak and helpless. He will have to work hard to reach his previous shape that has been lost during the months of his recovery. A professional coach should be very careful motivating and encouraging an injured athlete, especially when the latter is in low spirits. It is of vital importance to make the sportsman believe that his injury is a simple coincidence and poor luck. When an athlete realizes that his injury is not his mistake, he will be able to recover faster and his performance will be the same.

Many sportsmen have to finish their professional career because of injuries. This decision is ruinous for human psychics whereas such sportsmen lose their meaning of life. Sports is their job, hobby and passion. Injuries deprive athletes from their favorite thing. No wonder, many sportsmen are depressed and they do not know how to live further. They have money and fame but they do not see their future without sports. Such people are known to become alcoholics and drug addicts because they cannot accept the new reality.

However, there are strong sportsmen who can find positive moments in their condition. When one has to give up sports, he is able to become a coach and share his experience with the new generation of athletes. In my opinion, such people deserve respect.

How can one prevent injuries in sports? Frankly speaking, this task is very difficult.

When you play a brutal game, you will hardly prevent injuries. What is more, you will have to cause harm to your opponents to win the match. If you are an athlete involved into ‘safe’ and ‘gentle’ kinds of sports, you should be cautious and attentive to your health.

Warm up your muscles before stretching, weight lifting, or any other physical exercises. The majority of sports injuries occur because of the insufficient or improper warming up.

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