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Classification Essay Example

My father is the quintessential Arab man. He is calm and collected as well as conservative and authoritative. These are the qualities about him that stand out. The rest generally apply to most men of Arab extraction and Muslim faith. Such characteristics include; being strict on matters religion and believing in modesty.

I, on the other hand, hold liberal views on a number of controversial matters. I believe in negotiations as well as the fact that women ought to have equal rights as men. I am extroverted, sociable and convivial. In essence, I represent the modern-day Arab youth whose perspective of life is worldly.

These views put us in perpetual collision with our parents.

Thus, a comparison between my father and I is not just about character traits but also about ideology and beliefs. My father is a conservative Arab man who looks down on women while I hold the view that women are capable of making equal contributions to society just like men. My father is disgusted by conspicuous consumption that most young people indulge in. He argues that the teachings of Islam decry showing off to the less fortunate in society. I am also more talkative than him. My father speaks few words and when he does, he usually barks out orders that should be followed without questioning him. His authoritarian nature is probably a consequence of the kind of upbringing that he had.

However, my father and I share similar traits such as the love of Arab music and cuisine. We also have a very high regard for education and believe in its ability to bring an equitable society to fruition. As stated earlier, the differences in character traits possessed by my father and I informed the focus of this essay since they go beyond our personal traits.

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