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Informative Speech on Social Media

Good morning to everyone.

Today I would like to inform you about the role of social media in our life. Very few people understand that they are the co-creators of social media involuntarily. When you place your comment under a post in Facebook, you become a developer of social media. When you write a new post in your blog, you broaden the content of the Internet. When you play an online video game, you a part of social media too. In brief, every action in the Internet influences the current condition of social media. What is social media? Let us observe this problem in detail. Continue reading

Informative Speech on Stress

Good morning,

Today, I will speak about a weighty problem of stress. In modern dynamic society, stress is a part of our everyday life. Doubtless, everyone realizes what stress is though very few people know the exact definition of this term. Stress is a natural reaction of our organism on the stressor or irritant. When we live in tension, anger, frustration and anxiety, our organism requires relax. A human being cannot accumulate many negative emotions. One day her reserves exhaust and her reaction will be explosive. No wonder, many people break furniture, dishes and everything they hold in their hands in order to purify their nerves from the impact of stress. I would like to pay attention to such paramount problems as the cause and effect of stress and the ways that can be useful to cope with it. Continue reading

Persuasive Speech on Global Warming

Good afternoon,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Have you noticed that the average temperature on Earth is increasing gradually? Fifteen of the sixteen warmest years have been detected since 2000. About 200 000 people die from the negative impact of global warming annually. It will not be a mistake to say that global warming is one of the most relevant problems of our time. It affects people, animals and plants. In addition, it causes harm to our economy inasmuch as the level of water increases flooding the supplies of fresh water, fields and crops. Enormous coastal areas will be flooded as well and millions of people will lose their home. This tragic scenario waits us if we do not take care about the solution of this noteworthy problem. Continue reading