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Research Paper on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


The rapid progress of robotics and artificial intelligence, with computer power doubling every 18 months according to Moore’s Law, has given rise to many far-reaching scenarios about machine intelligence evolution. Scientists are greatly concerned about the possibility that robots will outstrip humans on many points and the possible legal, ethical and social implications of this development. Given the relatively low level of robot models at this point, regulation on these issues remains scarce. Thus, humanity and separate nations yet have to decide whether they are ready to implement safety regulations for robotics similar to those in the automotive industry and afford intelligent robots with the same rights as sentient beings.

The Power of Robots

Ray Kurzweil in his 2005 book Singularity is Near creates a comprehensive picture of the foreseen dramatic shift in the development of humanity that will be triggered by the proliferation and strengthening of artificial intelligence. Speaking of exponential growth of computer power in the past decades that enabled computer chess to defeat Gari Kasparov five years after he won against the computer in 1992, Kurzweil introduces the notion of singularity. He defines it as “a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep that human life will be irreversibly transformed” (Kurzweil 2005:7). Continue reading

Research Paper on Leonardo da Vinci


The personality and work of Leonardo da Vinci remains an intriguing subject for the later generations fascinated with the work of the great painter. His importance to posterity is not limited to his pictorial work since he is also widely known for his scientific ideas and theory of art.

Leonardo’s insights into art and science remain in his writings, in particular manuscripts and notebooks that survived to this day. This paper will reveal personal exploration and appreciation of Leonardo’s thought embodied in his written work.

Exploring the notebooks of the great master, the paper will try to summarise Leonardo’s ideas about painting and other subjects. It will also render the author’s personal reaction to the notes and their impact on later generations of scholars and painters, as well as their significance in the life of the great master.


Leonardo da Vinci did not only rely on intuition in his painting; instead, he used a wealth of scholarly ideas to underpin his artistic creation. These ideas found ways into his notebooks that contain hints on various topics including architecture, mechanics, painting, and human anatomy. Continue reading

Health Industry and Kaiser Company Research Project

I would like to start by saying that Kaiser company operates in the healthcare realm providing managed health care for the US customers. Kaiser company has already an integrated healthcare model that offers hospital as well as physician care through Kaiser network of hospitals and physician practices which are offered under Kaiser Permanente name. Kaiser company at present provides its member with access to more than 400 health facilities which operate under Kaiser foundation and Permanente medical group both of which employ over 12 thousand doctors (Chalk, 2004). In the following essay I will speak about the value chain and the significance of technology to business strategy as applied to Kaiser.

One should understand that value chain analysis is an important tool in assessing the overall corporate efficiency and competitiveness which is vital in modern day business. By knowing the activities that company undertakes and adjusting them to costs (activity costs) the company then would be able to precisely trace the costs and make judgment on how to improve profits. Continue reading

Comparative Political Leadership Research Paper


The problem of political leadership and leadership in a whole has been a subject matter for many years, that’s why it has a long history. As long ago as the ancient world era a leader was considered to be an individual, who was able to create history. Certain political and social situations needed their own leader, and during every historical period there were theories explaining definite characteristic features and objectives that a leader should posses. Among the most famous theories about political leaders are the theories of Italian philosopher N. Machiavelli, German scientist Friedrich Nietzsche and German philosopher Carl Marx.

Generally speaking a leader is someone who has the ability to rule over large mass of people, who is able to convince people and make them believe in his/her ideas. It also takes strength of character, diplomatic skills and a set of steadfast principles to amount to good leadership. Anyone who is a leader – a team leader, a business leader, a political leader – will inevitably face the same task, that of exercising leadership in the face of adversity with a cool, calm smile. Hence, great leaders and great teams are driven by a vision – a true sense of mission and purpose. [6] Purpose, is the essential tool of any leader no matter if he works in the sphere of economy, policy, culture or religion. However, it is obvious that political leaders of different countries tend to have different traits that are usually similar to the previous leaders that used to rule in those countries. That’s why it is possible to state that political culture together with moral and cultural values very much influence the behaviour of a political leader, as well as a political leader influences them. A political leader may be identified as any occupant of an established political position or as any person, in or out of such a position, whose political activity has more influence upon a group’s behavior than has the activity of the average member [2]. Continue reading

Research Paper on IKEA: Selection and Recruitment

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction.
  2. Body:
    – Importance of culture (Ethnocentric, Polycentric orientation, Regiocentric, Geocentric international practices);
    – IKEA Way (France, Benefits of Swedish management);
    – Internal hiring (Being non-Swedish, Disadvantages, Advantages);
    – Goals of Human Resource Department;
    – HRM extension;
  3. In summary.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Bibliography.

People are the key asset of any company and international organizations strive to develop and adopt Human Resource Practices that would allow identification, selection and recruitment of the talented employees from around the globe. Continue reading

Weight Management and Muscle Building Research Paper

Popularity of 12-Week Weight Reduction and Muscle Building Programs
Today, people are conscious of their health especially due to the rise in lifestyle diseases. There are so many illnesses associated with body fat. People now want experts to help them transform their bodies from fat to well-groomed bodies, which have good shapes, no fat and one has muscles. Not everyone who claims to be a health expert in body transformation is good at it. Failing to use the exercises properly may not give the required results. The twelve week program is marketed by many as the best in helping people gain muscles and lose fat, but this is primarily an advertisement gimmick. This essay offers a report to show how hard it is for someone to lose weight and gain muscles at the same time, and hence prove that a 12 week program for a client does not attain the goals required.

Why It Is Hard To Lose Fat and Build Muscle Simultaneously
To lose weight, one needs to eat less, healthy, and workout while to build muscles, one need to eat more, healthy and workout. This is one of the reasons why it is hard to lose weight and gain weight at the same time (Fife, 2005). The body could attain both if it was possible for the body to use the excess energy required to build protein muscles from the stored fat. In this way, fat would be converted to the required energy. Unfortunately, the body at this catabolic state does not take muscle building as a priority, and hence it reduces the rate of muscle building. The two processes have opposed demands on the body. It is essential to note that metabolism, which is a process by which food taken is converted into energy for use by the body in various processes, regulates body processes. This means that even muscle construction and loss of weight (burning fats) depends on metabolism. Continue reading

Free Example Research Paper

Globular Clusters
Globular clusters draw the attention of many scientists worldwide because they can contribute consistently to the research of space and better understanding of the formation, development and evolution of stars and galaxies at large. In fact, the question of formation and evolution of galaxies and universe is one of the major challenges of modern astronomy and many specialists (Baumgardt, 2003) believe that globular clusters can help find possible answers to the question concerning the origin and development of the universe. At the same time, globular clusters also represent a subject of a profound interest of scientists because of their uniqueness. It should be pointed out that they are quite different from other star formations and, what is probably even more important, is the fact that they are much older than galactic or open clusters. In this respect, it should be said that the age of globular clusters makes their research also very important because, being older than some other star formations, globular clusters can naturally provide scientists with larger information about the process of formation development of stars, galaxies and the universe at large. In such a way, the research of globular clusters may be considered very perspective, taking into consideration their actual and potential significance for the further researches of space.

The basic properties of globular clusters Continue reading