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Business Research Proposal Writing Tips

When you study business as your major discipline, you will be asked to prepare a research paper about the definite business topic. Of course, you should complete a well-structured research proposal for your business paper in order to make your academic advisor interested in your topic. Naturally, it is not easy to construct a professional and logical business research proposal if you have never done it before. You can improve your knowledge with the help of these simple writing instructions.

  • Step One: Generate the Best Topic. If you want to impress the reader with your research proposal, you should invent the best topic for your entire research. The choice of a topic and problem is very serious. A problem of a research proposal is the heart of your paper. You will collect information and create hypotheses relying on the main problem of your investigation. Bear in mind that your ought to focus on the most relevant problems related with business. It is possible to observe large corporations, corruption, bankruptcy and other issues related with the field of business. Secondly, you should think about the aim and importance of your topic for business. If you observe a worthy problem, which affects the current condition of business, your topic will surely be accepted.
  • Step Two: Prepare a Good Thesis Statement. A business research proposal cannot exist without a successful thesis statement. The main role of a thesis statement is to express the main problem of your paper. Try to read different books and scientific journals about business in order to find the most catching quotation, which characterizes your major problem from all sides. Doubtless, you can compose your own thesis statement. Brainstorm one or two sentences about the subject of your research and express your point of view about it.
  • Step Three: Write an Introduction. The introductory part of a research proposal on business should make the reader acquainted with the problem and the main idea of your research. You should point out at the relevance and usefulness of your analysis. You should generate the definite goal of your investigation, because every research is conducted for the peculiar purpose. Then, you ought to observe the findings of the previous authors who had analyzed your topic before. Emphasize the originality of your approach towards the problem. It is reasonable to express your creativity, because the field of business requires brand new ideas, innovations and radical approach towards the most disturbing issues. Consequently, you ought to determine your expectations. You should expect that your hypothesis would be truthful.
  • Step Four: Plan the Entire Research in Detail. It is important to present your business research project in order to inform your academic advisor about the plan of your investigation. You ought to describe every step of your research in detail. The reader should understand what you are going to do and what you want to achieve. For example, you can write that you analyze the corporate structure of the definite company, find its problem, analyze its cause and effect and suggest your own solution to this problem.
  • Step Five: Write a Literature Review. If you want to prepare a successful research proposal about business, you should collect a few literary sources, which can help you analyze your topic effectively. Your academic advisor will ask you to review these sources in order to evaluate their usefulness. When he/she approves the choice of your books and journals, you will be able to use them in the process of research. A literature review is the most difficult and time-consuming section of your assignment.

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