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Book Report on “Paper Towns” by John Green

“Paper Towns” is a novel written by the American writer John Green in 2008. The author received the 2009 Edgar Award for the best young adult novel. Paper Towns is supposed to be one of the most successful children’s books of modern time. A screen version of the book saw the world in 2015. The genre of the book is young adult fiction. The author tries to make his novels interesting to young people utilizing colloquialisms and curious plot development. What is more, one can find the elements of a detective story whereas the entire text is devoted to the attempts of finding a young girl, Margo Roth Spiegelman. The title Paper Towns is associated with the trick conducted by famous scholars and companies that want to prevent plagiarism of their texts, table and maps. In this case, the title refers to the creation of a fictional town Agloe, New York, by the cartographers of one firm who wanted to avoid plagiarism of their maps. The novel consists of three parts, each of which is divided into chapters.

The main characters Quentin “Q” Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman has been friends since childhood. Furthermore, Quentin is in love with this girl and the entire novel is based on his feelings and expectations. One day, Margo decided to take revenge on a group of people who had hurt her at college before. Quentin helped her and the next day the girl disappeared. The young man asked his friends, Ben, Marcus and Lacey to help him find Margo. They search through her room to find any clues that can be useful to them. Luckily, they found a poster, a book and poems that created a complex puzzle. Quentin believes that these clues can help him find Margo. Friends spend much time before they finally find the girl. Sad to say but her reaction to their visit is embarrassing. Undoubtedly, she did not want to be found and she treated her friends gravely. Quentin understood that he did not know the ‘real’ Margo at all.

The main problem of Paper Towns is related to false expectations. Quentin thought that he had known Margo and her character perfectly well though he discovered that she was a completely different and unknown person. He expected that the girl would meet him gladly when he found her. Needless to say but her reaction was very negative. She called Quentin egotistic and selfish whereas he wanted to find her in order to satisfy his self-respect. Quentin understood that it is impossible to expect other people to meet one’s requirements and expectations. All people are different and everyone as his own needs and system of values.

Margo Roth Spiegelman is a very compulsive and quaint character. She is associated with mystery and puzzle. In my opinion, the title of the novel refers to Margo inasmuch as she disappears as if she has never even existed. Besides, her real personality is unknown. When her friends found her, they discovered a completely different personality. Thus, the Margo of the past years has never existed like various inexistent paper towns marked on the maps. One can connect this character to the state of hypocrisy whereas she behaved with her friends in a different way.

Paper Towns touches upon friendship, love and complicated relations of young people. Quentin, Marcus, Ben and Lacey decide to combine their efforts to find Margo. Definitely, they care about her fate and wellbeing. They do not decide to find her for their own benefit. The problem of love is presented on the example of Quentin. He loves Margo and his feeling makes him blind. We know that Margo ran from home several times and her mother was not disappointed or feared. She was frustrated and angry with her daughter. This problem is quite noteworthy, because many teenagers run away trying to find themselves.

Paper Towns is a genuine and absorbing young adult novel. It focuses on numerous problems of modern youth and provides the reader with the amusing and captive plot. To my mind, every student should read this gripping novel in order to understand his own personality deeper.