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Basic Art History Dissertation Writing Tips

Art history is a very specific and delicate discipline. On the one hand, students are not limited in topics and approaches towards research. On the other hand, this variety of issues can astonish an inexperienced student who does not know how to organize his dissertation on art history properly. It is possible to get to know about the most reasonable approach towards art history dissertation writing if you take advantage of these writing guidelines.

  • Step One: Choose the Best Topic on Art History. The sphere of art is very broad. Students are able to invent all possible topics for analysis. It does not worth mentioning that there are many periods in the history of art. One is able to analyze a few forms of art of ancient civilizations, touch upon the examples of architecture of the Renaissance or compare the development of music in the run of human history. Your topic should be thought-provoking, relevant and interesting. You ought to demonstrate your creativity and original way of thinking to your professor, because the main aim of dissertation writing is to invent an innovative topic for analysis.
  • Step Two: Complete a Proposal. Before you begin the process of dissertation writing, you ought to prepare a sound proposal. You should advertise your topic on art history to the committee. Say why you want to analyze this topic and what you want to achieve. You are able to share methods and materials for investigation. When the committee sees your clear plan of writing, your dissertation about art history will be accepted.
  • Step Three: Create a Good Dissertation Outline. If you want to succeed in art history dissertation writing, you should plan your actions professionally. Firstly, get to know about the proper composition of your dissertation and think about the main categories and subtopics of your research. When you investigate the definite period in the history of art, observe it from the point of view of history, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, etc. Then, enumerate its major elements and characteristic features. Finally, provide readers with the artists of the chosen period and examples of their work. You ought to build your paper logically if you want to make a coherent and sound dissertation on art history.
  • Step Four: Collect Information about Your Topic. The best way to prepare a successful dissertation on art history is to use the most reliable sources and materials for research. You ought to attend exhibitions and galleries in order to notice the slightest details of the objects under analysis. You can go to the library or find the right books in the Internet. It is smart to use monographs of famous scholars and critics who analyzed historical periods of art in the past.
  • Step Five: Mind the Format. When you have planned the process of writing, follow the outline attentively. You should prepare a good introduction, a thesis statement, abstract, methodology, discussion, etc. It is important to cover every important section and insert it into its proper place. In spite of the fact that you write an artistic text, you ought to mind the right format of writing. You should write in the third person, keep to the formal style of writing and mind your grammar. In addition, you ought to use rich vocabulary of synonyms when you describe the definite work of art.

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