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Article Review Essay Sample

Article background
The article name is “Learning and Schooling” and Jesse Shearin specifically wrote it in May 1995. The core objective of the article was to shed light on the controversial issue of learning and schooling. The author tackled this topic in a quite informative and professional manner. He disintegrated the two terminologies and drew accurate examples in order to differentiate them. The article content revolves around the issue of differentiating what learning and schooling are from concrete examples.

Article review
Many people confuse the terms schooling and learning. To bring out the difference, different experts have sought several ways of explaining these two terminologies. From these studies, it emerged that most people differentiate between these two terminologies. Schooling may refer to a formal structure that usually serves a clear purpose. Different educational institutions that are situated all over the country may represent it. The institutions usually have regulations and rules that students are required to follow respectively. In schooling systems established curriculums acts as the guiding principle for all students. This implies that students are required to follow the provided procedures as directed by the curriculum.

A combination of curriculum and regulations are the principles that define and guide a school. Contrary to schooling, learning is usually a process that is far much different when compared to schooling. Learning is a self-instigated move. This means that learning is a course that comes into existence by self-motivation. There is no curriculum set to guide people in the learning process. Any individual who engages in the learning process does it for the sake of obtaining knowledge or gaining new ideas. Different from schooling, learning is usually carried through personal availability. This means that learning has no lesson guide or a timetable. Schooling is mainly done for gaining academic excellence at a personal level. In contrast, the main purpose of learning is increasing ones knowledge status.

My response
From an individual point of view, learning and schooling differ in all their entails and details. From my general knowledge, schools are formal establishments. This also includes authorities that run the schools. The authorities make schooling a formal process that usually takes place under strict leadership. The author usually does a great job in trying to paint a vibrant picture of schooling. This description helps in distinguishing schooling from learning.

Judging from the author’s views, I observe learning to be a mental activity requiring high discipline from individuals. This is because learning is usually self-induced and is not regulated. This also means that the learner should be committed in what they do. Learners usually educate themselves based on their personal desires and passions. This normally gives them a greater advantage and opportunity in teaching themselves about the things they like. At other times, schools as well as other learning institutions may merely overstep passion or preferences. Learning provides good opportunities that may enhance personal development. The writer was able to do a superb job in explaining all the learning dynamics. Through his clear description, it is possible to draw the differences between learning and schooling.

My thinking, as a student, is clear regarding learning and schooling. I have some questions concerning these two terms after learning about these two concepts. My major question is why people are unable to differentiate between schooling and learning. The reason that immediately came into my attention was the fact that these two activities usually involve gaining knowledge. Even though there is gain of knowledge in these two fields, they are different in their modes of operation. This controversial factor needs to be understood in order to differentiate the two. After interpretation of the author’s opinions, it is clear that individuals ought to be informed for them to differentiate these two terms.

The differences that exist between learning and schooling are clear. This has been able to explain schooling as a course that usually takes place under strict guidelines. Learning on the other hand usually involves self-education approaches. Schooling is also like a routine that individuals have to undertake. In contrast, learning is a process that is self-motivated and instigated by commitment and passion. The differences that exist between learning and schooling have been stated through informative and concrete examples.

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