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Argumentative Essay on Artificial Intelligence

People have dreamt about the creation of artificial intelligence at least for a century.

With the long run of time and rapid development of technologies and machines, people have understood that they are able to make robots and computers that can think and act like human beings. There are many science fiction movies devoted to the problem of artificial intelligence. The topic of smart and loving robots and machines was very popular in the 20th century. However, people treated this issue skeptically.

A smart robot sounded like fantasy to an average person. The 21st century is the crucial moment in the development of artificial intelligence inasmuch as we can see it around us. This topic no longer looks like something unnatural or impossible. People are ready to live with the intelligent machines side by side. The subject of artificial intelligence is quite debatable and newsworthy. Some scientists and engineers supports the rapid and intensive improvement of intelligent computers whereas they make human life easier. On the contrary, many experts protest against smart machines in order to avoid the complete automation of everything. It is impossible to take only one side in this conflict because both sides have their sensible and persuasive arguments and counterarguments. I will focus on the positive side of the current development of artificial intelligence taking into account the weightiest counterarguments of the opponents of my point of view.

Why do people create multifunctional robots and computers? This question is quite tricky. On the one hand, it is altruism and desire to make our life easier. On the other hand, it is sports and selfishness.

The brightest scientists and engineers want to demonstrate the power of their mind to feel like God who has created life on Earth. When they project a smart robot or automobile, they create intelligence. They make metal and wires ‘think’ and ‘feel’. Delightfully!

It is difficult to overestimate the value of current research in the field of artificial intelligence.

What do we have now? There are many computers that can compete with the smartest chess players of all time. There are automobiles and trains that can ride without a driver. There are computers involved into deduction, problem solving and data mining. When there is a problem, it is easier to solve it with the help of a computer that works according to the specific algorithm. Human mind would have spent years to solve the same task. A computer can cope with this problem at a moment’s notice. Moreover, computers make fewer errors. Their productiveness and quality of work is higher.

In my opinion, it is vital to develop artificial intelligence in medicine and transportation. There are complicated cases when a surgeon cannot rely on his knowledge and skills. The quality of the surgical procedures can be reduced by stress, nerves and low mood. It is better to devote such operations to the special robots that fulfill their work perfectly. What is more, there are many projects devoted to micro robots that can cure us inside of our bodies. They ‘live’ independently and look for viruses and harmful bacteria 24/7. To my mind, such smart robots are very useful for humanity. What about transportation?

There is hardly a driver or pilot who has never made mistakes or had accidents. Thus, it is reasonable to construct intelligent self-driving buses, cars and trains that react to the situation on the road objectively. On the other hand, this invention is quite controversial. Public transport can function in this way, but such vehicles as planes should not be conducted exceptionally by computers. Planes should be conducted by pilots who can use smart computers as their support.

Without question, artificial intelligence is associated with the complex of features of the human character and behavior. The best engineers have tried to construct robots, which look like humans and behave like humans. In this case, we speak about super-intelligence or human-machine hybrids. Such hybrids think, walk and react to the irritants in the same way as human beings do. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to create such machines which would choose the proper algorithm of behave in the peculiar situation. Engineers project such human-hybrids to help people fulfill their household duties, do shopping and even work. In fact, super-intelligence can make our life boring and senseless.

Artificial intelligence is one of the prominent trends in modern programming and engineering. Although there are several threats in artificial intelligence, it is easy to find its indisputable advantages.

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