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Analytical Essay on Slavery

Slavery is one of the oldest economic systems. The entire human civilization is built on slaves.

Slavery is associated with the legal policy that makes it possible to treat humans as property. Slaves could be bought, sold and even killed if their owner wanted it. Overtly, such people existed on the same level as cows, goats, sheep and horses. The problem of slavery is very important and relevant. In some countries, this problem exists even today. We should learn about slavery a lot in order to know about this shameful problem and defeat it once for all.

Apparently, slavery is the oldest legal system. There are many documents, which prove that slavery was implemented in Ancient Egypt 10000 years ago. Such ancient civilizations as Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, Ancient China, Greece and the Roman Empire treated slavery as a regular thing. The majority of slaves were prisoners of war and children whose parents were slaves. They did not have any rights and their duty was to work for their masters. There were different types of slaves. There were cooks, cleaners, servants, etc. If we speak about the Roman Empire, we will mention gladiators and other types of slaves who are involved into the field of entertainment. Slavery was very important for the economy of every ancient civilization. People worked for free and contributed into the development of the empire with their hard labor. Masters did not need to pay slaves for their work. They worked for food and shelter being under the protection of their owners. On the other hand, this system had many cornerstones.

Foremost, slavery could be introduced only in the densely populated countries. Logically, if the number of slaves was bigger than of their masters, they could raise an insurrection and win freedom.

Slavery is connected with the history of the USA. European colonists brought more than 4 million Africans to the USA in order to build the country with the help of their free labor. According to the official statistics, about 33% of American families owned slaves. Generally, these people were exploited severely. They worked in the field, mines and served in the households of their rich masters. They could be bought, sold and murdered. Their life depended on the will of their owners. The position of slaves in the northern parts of the USA was better than of the ones in the southern states. Slavery was abolished only in 1865 in this country but its consequences are visible even now. African Americans are still reminded about their sad past. Sad to say, but there are still many cases of racial profiling and discrimination, which make African Americans think about themselves as about second-rate people.

Modern slavery exists in different forms. The most common ones are forced marriage, prostitution and forced labor. Many people from Asia, Latin America and Africa lose their freedom and become the victims of the criminals who are engaged in human trafficking. Seemingly, the most popular targets of such criminals are young women and children. They are involved into commercial sexual exploitation. Such women work as prostitutes in the developed countries but they cannot change their position since they belong to the definite criminal communities. Forced marriage is a common thing in Africa and Asia. Young women do not have the right to choose a husband; hence, they have to become wives of any men who are interested in them. The statistics is very sad whereas more than 60% of women in Africa get married in this way.

Slavery is the most shameful problem of our society inasmuch as weak and unprotected people lose their freedom under the pressure of others. It is impossible to imagine the psychological condition of such people. They realize that their life is ruined and they cannot change it in any way.

To be honest, it is impossible to defeat slavery forasmuch this business is extremely profitable. Many countries earn billions of dollars on human trafficking, forced labor and prostitution. Although we can cope with human trafficking in one country, this problem occurs in another place immediately. Ultimately, we should combine our efforts to get rid of slavery once for all.

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