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Against Animal Testing Essay Example

Animal testing is the use of animals in experiments in order to check their reaction towards the impact of the irritant. Every year hundreds of millions of rabbits, dogs, cats, rats, pigs, fish and frogs die because of the medical scientific and military experiments. Have you ever thought about the purpose of animal testing? Do you support animal experimentation? Should this process be banned? These questions bother millions of people and they want to stop animal research all over the world, because it is a shameful and cruel process. I support this idea and say that I protest against animal testing.

There are different types of animal testing. Animals are used for medical, scientific, educational, pharmaceutic and military experiments. Of course, there are also behavioral studies, which do not cause harm to animals. Biologists and psychologists study the behavior of various animals in order to improve their knowledge about developmental biology and behavioral studies. On the other hand, there are cases when animals are used for psychological experiments. They have to express and cope with such emotions as anger, fear and stress.

Millions of animals are used for medical purposes. In simple words, animals are used for drug testing. Scientists invent new remedies for various diseases. Of course, it is important to test the impact of the new substances on the organism. Unfortunately, the experts choose rats, pigs, dogs and rabbits for this purpose. I do not understand why the scientists choose rats or dogs for testing the remedies, which will be used by the human beings. Logically, these remedies should be tested on humans if one wants to see the actual impact of the definite mixtures or pills. It does not worth mentioning that the result of the research is most often the same. Animals die after the absolute number of experiments.

Everybody knows that millions of animals are used for educational purposes. Such animals as rats, rabbits, frogs, fish and dogs are used in high schools, medical colleges and universities. Children use animals at the lessons of biology in order to learn about the constitution of their organisms. Teachers believe that it is better to observe the example of a living organism than a picture from a textbook. Therefore, frogs, insects and fish are used for live-animal surgeries and dissections. Naturally, these procedures are extremely cruel, because animals suffer from pain. Children practice dissection without the use of anesthesia. Consequently, an animal feels terrible pain. It is possible to compare live-animal surgeries with torture.

Nearly every pharmaceutical company uses rabbits, dogs and other animals for the testing of their new products. Obviously, these animals suffer from pain, lose eyesight and even die. The experts test their new shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, etc. on animals.

Most often, they test the impact of these products on eyes and smell. We know that tobacco corporations test their cigarettes on dogs and cats. The result of these tests are most often lethal. The animals are overdosed with the smoke and toxic substances and they die. I suppose the results of these experiments are useless. A dog has to ‘smoke’ more than a hundred cigarettes every day. Naturally, no one will smoke so many cigarettes at once.

Finally, animal testing is practiced for military purposes. Different kinds of new weapons are tested on animals. The experts use pigs, dogs and other big animals for this aim. I guess these murders are meaningless. They simply kill millions of animals in order to check the characteristics of new guns, spitfires, knives, etc.

In my opinion, in vivo testing is an immoral action that breaks the rules of ethics. We do not have the right to kill and torture animals without purpose. The absolute number of educational, scientific and military experiments are meaningless. It is possible to say that they kill and torture millions of animals annually just for fun.