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A Thrilling Experience in Your Life Essay

Everyone has an interesting life full of the exciting moments and it is not true if one claims that his life if grey and monotonous, because there are numerous unpredictable situations all the time which make it bright and memorable. Of course, the life gets its colour due to the people who surround us and if one has many friends, his life is surely full of the unforgettable moments. In fact, one can have certain memories which are not connected with the close people, but with the certain circumstances which do not depend on him.

The human life can teach one positive and negative things but the experience received in this way is priceless. The experience received during the human life has positive influence on the individual and his actions, worldview, behaviour and wisdom. Of course, not all the events can be called valuable experience, there are just the moments which have left in the memory and are remembered with a smile or a slight shiver.

Speaking about a thrilling experience in one’s life, everyone has his own understanding of the word “thrilling”. For example, one can feel excited during a certain rock concert, the other connects the explanation of this term with such events like a fire, an accident, etc. It is possible to call stealth of a bicycle a thrilling experience, because if the child sees his bike stolen, he starts to feel disappointed, angry and this incident will be surely always remembered. Very often thrilling experience is connected with the illegal actions of some people. Children whose psychics is quite vulnerable towards such moments remembers even the lightest crime till the end of her life.

Of course, not all the events causing thrilling experience are connected with the negative issues. It is quite obvious that any stress: positive and negative thrills us if its concentration is high. It is interesting that children often associate thrilling experience with the birth of their younger brothers and sisters. It is natural, that such changes in life are quite strong and the child does not know about the effect of such an event and feels thrilled. Furthermore, a positive example of thrilling experience is the application of a young person to college and university. She is excited and frightened simultaneously.

To sum it all up, thrilling experience can be of both positive and negative origin and it is important teach from your own experience and remember the bright moment all the time.

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