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A Bad Workman Quarrels with His Tools Essay

“A bad workman quarrels with his tools” is a good proverb that characterizes human professionalism from all sides. It is obvious that people are divided into those who have talent and skills and those who do not have talent to do something. A skillful and talented workman is able to do his work professionally. He is able to cope with his duties properly and his clients are satisfied with the results of his work. When one works hard and trains his skills constantly, he becomes an expert in his craft. He is able to cope with solid amounts of work in short terms.

For example, a well-trained and experienced carpenter is able to create high quality and stylish furniture that will serve for decades. He knows how to do his work properly and he does it perfectly. Naturally, sometimes the quality of work depends on tools, though it is not a problem if you are a master in your art. A skillful and experienced workman is able to do his work properly even if he has poor-quality tools at his disposal. He can spend more time for his task, but he will still succeed in his craft.

An inexperienced or lazy workman who does not want to develop his skills is not able to impress someone with the quality of his results. Most often bad workmen are arrogant and they do not have enough courage to confess that their skills are poor. They pretend to be experts in their field cheating others. When they fail in their work, they say that their failure is caused by poor-quality tools or their bad team. For example, an arrogant soccer player accuses his teammates of unprofessionalism and says that they have lost their game because of their poor skills. He does not say that he is a part of this team and his skills are low too. Then, when a runner tries to find excuses for his failures, he does not mention that the winner of the race comes from a poor developing country that does not have any facilities or equipment for training.

One should remember that good results are achieved only when you work hard. When you devote much time to self-improvement, you train your skills and increase your chances to succeed in your art. Good equipment is only a minor advantage that can help you do your work easier.

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