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5-Paragraph Essay about Osama bin Laden

What do you know about Osama bin Laden? Why was he supposed to be the fiercest terrorist in the world? What terroristic organization did he found? It will not be a mistake to say that Osama bin Laden is known all over the world. Every TV channel, magazine, newspaper and radio station informed people about the crimes of this mysterious person. So, who is Osama bin Laden? I will pay attention to his family, crimes and international activity.

Osama bin Laden is known to come from a very rich family from Riyadh, which is the capital of Saudi Arabia. His father had close business relations with the king of Saudi Arabia; therefore, bin Laden did not have problems with money. Osama bin Laden is known to be the leader of the international terroristic organization called al-Qaeda. When the USSR took part in the military conflict in Afghanistan, this organization was supposed to fight against the soviet troops. Bin Laden supported this underground Islamist movement spiritually and financially. After the war in Afghanistan bin Laden continued jihad against the USA and the entire Western Civilization. This person supported terrorists in Somali, Egypt and Sudan. He is known to be responsible for the September 11 attacks in the USA. Frankly speaking, his fame spread in the world after this terrible terroristic act of 2001. No one had heard about bin Laden before. Under his influence, a group of terrorists stole two commercial airliners and directed them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Other airliners were directed into the Pentagon and the White House. About three thousand people died during that devastating terroristic act.

Osama bin Laden was a very mysterious person. He was a frequent guest in mass media. It was possible to see his press releases on TV and in the Internet after every serious terroristic act committed by the members of al-Qaeda. This criminal sponsored different terroristic acts in different countries. Such counties as the USA, the UK and France were in the center of his attention. No wonder, bin Laden was called the most serious terrorist in the world. On the other hand, it was impossible to define the identity of this person. No one knew whether the bin Laden shown in different videos was real. Everyone knows that such influential people have a great number of twins. The real Osama bin Laden is known to be a very tall man with the long beard. He wore traditional Arabic clothes and a walked holding a stick. His speech was soft, laconic, polite and intelligent. It was hard to call him a fierce criminal judging from his appearance.

Though Barack Obama claimed that Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan in 2011, very few people believe into this information. It is possible that the US troops killed his twin but not the real leader of terrorists. There are many versions about the death of bin Laden. Some experts say that he died in 2001 after the September 11 attacks. Many skeptics say that Barack Obama said about the death of bin Laden in order to improve his political rates. This idea has the right for existence, because many presidents touch upon such delicate problems in order to improve their current political condition. On the other hand, no one has heard about Osama bin Laden for five years; therefore, his death can be real.

In conclusion, Osama bin Laden is one of the most famous and dangerous terrorists in the world.

His militant Sunni Islamist organization has committed a great number of serious terroristic acts all over the world. Al-Qaeda has become the most well-known terroristic organization with the help of his money and influence. This criminal had been active for more than 30 years before he was killed in 2011 by the US armed forces.

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